Thunderstone - Promo 2001
Melodic Speed Metal
5 songs (22'45)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Chris
Surprise of the month

Well well well, what a pleasant surprise to discover a band through their demo work. By the way, thanks to Thunderstone for sending us their promo.

How to describe what Thunderstone sounds like ? Well, it's quite easy actually, I would say that they sound like a nice mix of Stratovarius and Pretty Maids. Tempting isn't it ? Well, believe me it is, and this band will make some noise in the melodic metal ranks I'm sure, and that's all I wish for them because they are very talented. Full of melodies and emotions, this promo contains 5 tracks, and they are 5 killers ! 2 very fast songs that really blew me away : Me, My Enemy & Let The Demons Free (absolutely perfect song !). The choruses are very catchy, thanks to the excellent performance of the singers who delivers the very nice vocal melodies. The guitar riffs and solos are majestic, and so are they keyboards parts. The song World's Cry is a wonderful metal Anthem with it's wonderful chorus. The song Let The Demons Free is one of the best song I've heard in a long time, with it's wonderful melodies (à la Stratovarius) and incredible vocal parts and high pitch screams, well done guys ! Voice In A Dream and Spread My Wings are 2 very nice ballads !

You can discover Thunderstone on And you can download almost all their songs there.

The production is excellent and Thunderstone delivers an exceptional demo. I have absolutely no doubt they will find a label fast, because it would be pure madness not to sign these guys believe me. The production is very good and the only thing I might say about this promo is that it maybe contains not enough fast songs (like Let The Demons Free). Excellent job, keep up the good work and I'm already looking forward to listen and review the coming full album (make it fast ;) !).

Killing Songs :
All, but Let The Demons Free is fabulous !!!!
Chris quoted 87 / 100
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