Thunderstone - Evolution 4.0
Nuclear Blast
Melodic Heavy Metal
11 songs (47'41)
Release year: 2007
Thunderstone, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Chris
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As it's name indicates : Evolution 4.0 is Thunderstone's fourth album. I've been a big fan of this band and have been following them since their demo album. So far this band has been delivering a steady stream of good to excellent albums, and this one is no different. If there is one word that defines Thunderstone its consistency. This band is rock solid in their sound, and they don't disappoint by trying too much new stuff, though the sound evolves slightly with each and every album, no major changes occur, and in this case I think its a good thing.

Even though Evolution 4.0 sounds a lot like its predecessors, it's more heavier, with more aggressive riffing and overall heavier songs, while keeping up with the melodic part that is the core of their music. That's what I like with Thunderstone, they deliver killer albums, with pretty much the same formula, and while some might find there is little surprise to be found, I think its best to be sure you'll listen to something awesome with every album down the road, than having a huge surprise with a partial or total change of style (Twilightning or Norther anyone ? and these are just examples from the North.. tons of bands have disappointed countless fans over the years pulling 180's on their musical roots) which might not be digested by your fans. So like I said the album is a little more aggressive and heavier (like the riffing aggression of Swirled !), but otherwise you'll find all the ingredients that makes this band such a great catch : awesome guitar work, from strong riffs to melodic solos, awesome vocals and majestic vocal melodies like on the song 10000 ways. The tight rhythm section and the awesome key arrangements add the final touch to this perfect blend of melodic heavy metal that Thunderstone plays. Worth mentioning is the great song-writing. While all albums sound very similar, every one of them holds precious diamonds and they are not all carved with the same classic power metal recipe, but rather Thunderstone's own magical recipe. I think this is my favorite album since their debut album. Not a weak moment in this album, filled with killer songs and killer moments. In the end, the only thing I'm not too keen about this album is its artwork... it seems rushed (I mean like a 30 minutes work tops !) and bland in my humble opinion. But on the artwork side, its been downhill since the debut as far as I'm concerned (the Virus single artwork was great as well).

If you like bands like Sonata Arctica, Pretty Maids or even Stratovarius : then you'll surely find Thunderstone delectable. If you don't know this band yet but thrive on listening to melodic heavy / power metal then you owe it to yourself to check this amazing band called Thunderstone, believe me you won't be disappointed ! Evolution 4.0 is the perfect way to start discovering this band, though as far as I'm concerned with this band you can simply buy any of their albums with your eyes closed, and Evolution 4.0 is no different ! Definitely their best work along with their debut album. Its been a while since I last used these words, so for old times sake : buy or die :) !

Killing Songs :
All but my favs are : Forevermore, 10000 ways, Holding to My Pain, Swirled, Down With Me & Solid Ground.
Chris quoted 90 / 100
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