Tribute To Twisted Sister - Twisted Forever
KOCH Records
16 songs (64'20)
Release year: 2001
KOCH Records
Reviewed by Danny

I have read that the big Twisted Sister is back for a Reunion Tour very shortly. Hell I hope it is true and that this time money will not again destroy this gift (I am talking about the rivalry inside the band), because I have never seen this band LIVE ... and I am ready to fly high and far away to see them on stage.

So being myself a mega fans of Twisted Sister, I jump on that Tribute blindly. Of course, this type of CDs are created only for the fans and as usual with Tributes, some songs are wonderful (or funny if you prefer) and some are a complete disaster. When you hear Joan Jett singing We're Not Gonna Take It, it becomes a complete disaster. When Chuck D and Nine Days (who ?) are singing Wake Up The Sleeping giant and The Price, you jump immediately on the original record and ... it feels so good to hear again Dee Snider.

On the other hand, Motörhead (Shoot 'Em Down) is so funny, Nashville Pussy (The Kids Are Back) is a bit unpredictable, Craddle Of Filth (The Fire Still Burns) is black in mind ;-), Anthrax (Destroyer) could have been their own songs, Overkill (Under The Blade, the killer track here) are true 100% with their typical sytle and Hammerfall (We're gonna make it) have not taken too much risk.

A gift for the fans only. Now, if you still don't know this band, you defnitely missing something and the only advice I can give you is this one : buy the whole discography because Twisted Sister rules !!!

Killing Songs :
Come back TWISTED !!!
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