Sideburn - Crocodile
Good Old Time Rock'n'roll
12 songs (48'00)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Paul

Sideburn is a band from Switzerland, it exits since a long time and used to be called Genocide at the start. There was a change of line up : the guitarist Stéphane Monbarron, Pat Aeby and Bozzy left the band to join DC World (the AC/DC and Krokus cover band from Marc Storace - Krokus, China). Stéphane was replaced by David Pariat (Sultan, Skyscraper, Rated X) who is a great lead guitarist. Lionel B. on the drums and Michel D. on the bass also joined the band.

Just for the record Sideburn used to play as opener for Kiss at the Hallenstadium, the biggest hall in Switzerland!!!

Crocodile has a self made production so no record company named for this cd. The album was recorded, produced and mixed by Jürg Naegeli which used to work by the time with Krokus. As you can see Switzerland is not big and for sure a small world...

So what to say about good old time rock'n'roll from Switzerland, in fact not cheesy at all ;-). This one of the kind that smells like the greatest rock bands from Australia alike Rose Tattoo, AC/DC or The Angels (ex Angel City) or even Jimmy Barnes. In fact the title Crocodile is maybe on itself a big dedication to the land of Crocodile Dundee. They also can be compared to southern rock stars like ZZ Top or even Blackfoot. But I would say Sideburn developed its own style since it not called Genocide anymore. They became like an old Whisky bottle getting better with the years by founding their own flavor.

One mention about the cover of Remedy from Rose Tattoo it is brilliant : respect ! These guys should have recorded one song for the Tatt's tribute album Tribute For The Boys, I wouldn't have been angry at all....

There is nothing new under the southern sun (maybe a sunburn on the side ;-)) but for sure it is damn well done. Sideburn is settled like a Swiss cuckoo clock. If you like this kind of rock'n'roll without any compromise then just go for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crocodile won't bite you, but sure leave you some marks...

You can contact the band at the following address: This album should come out in Germany in the beginning of 2002.

Killing Songs :
Hell On Wheels, Hole Creeper, Crocodile, Remedy, Live 4 2 Day, In My Car, Rocking Chair, The Taker, Slave To The Core, Renegade
Paul quoted 78 / 100
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