U.D.O. - Live From Russia
Breaker Records
Heavy Metal Live
Disc 1: 14 songs (64'20) Disc 2: 12 songs (68'40)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Paul
Major event

YYYYYYYEEEES U.D.O. is still in the music business and doing pretty well. One album out almost every year with great heavy metal like they know how to do in Germany. And this year, as the best of is already out, he strikes back with a great double live album including some (because they are many more...) of the best tittles from Accept and U.D.O.

Gosh 26 songs including only two ballads this is a neckbreacker. Ok even if there are some overdubs and cuts and whatever you want, it is still a great album. This really reminds me of the good old times with Accept : great cubic riffs (I think everyone should understand that image of cube, hey I am gonna put a trademark on this expression...) "à la" Accept, a great production, a drum solo, guitar solos, classical parts and even some Russian folk songs cut in between (Living On A Frontline and Cut Me Out).

Well the cover is a bit to dark, looks a bit sad with its black & red. U.D.O.'s logo and is not really put in evidence. The red color is for me a bit kind of obsolete... Anyway, there are some nice pictures in the booklet with fans, monuments etc.

This double live cd Live From Russia is very welcomed also if there is a lot of great stuff coming out these days. It is a result from the Holy Tour. I've seen U.D.O. twice live during this tour and it was a must !!!!!

If the trademark (soon converted in euro ;-)) of Accept doesn't work anymore, we just don't care: we still have U.D.O. and believe me this is once more a great job he has done here. Over two hours of pure heavy metal. And there is a dedication on the back of the CD : this album is dedicated to all our fans worldwide - for a great support all over the years.

So my advice is the following : you'd better listen to both of the cd's and if you agree with me, buy them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U.D.O. Rules...

Killing Songs :
Nothing to kick or to drop on this double live album
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