Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra
13 songs (49:38)
Release year: 2011
Limp Bizkit, Interscope
Reviewed by Goat
Crap of the month

Too crap, too wrong
Too crap, too wrong

Yo Goat,
These Nu Metal kids are still hatin’ on us
Show them that we can do this
‘Cause we always knew this, haha
Yeah, boy!

This?! How low can I go?
Nu Metal – little as a reviewer knows
Once again, back is the inevitable
The indefensible
The least rational...
A fan? Not Limp Bizkit’s number one
But they said “review!” and I went numb
Can I tell ‘em that I really never had fun?
But it’s the order from the MR forum, son...
Now they’ve got me in hell, ‘cause my writing, it tells
‘Cause a reviewer (not me!) once said, “Well...
Dursts’ is a band who I think you ought to listen to,
What his rhymes say to you, Nookie, Boiler, even Faith too.”
Fuck that for now, posters on this forum say
"Make a miracle, G, wax satirical,
Nu Metal’s back, all in, they’re gonna win?"
Kick it out, yeah y’all c’mon, here it goes again.

Never badder than bad, ‘cept Durst is worse and worst
All is crap, but he alone corrupts Gold Cobra
Borland’s in an ok role, but they treat him a mope on dope
Riffs stolen from Slayer and still there’s no hope!
Brain-dead, the rhymes I’m hearing inside
That music’s morons are all loving them for
They’ll never care for the metalheads and -headesses
Now across the world Limp Bizkit's starting a war...
We got to retaliate, come on now, they’re not gonna wait
'Til we start a fight
Metal blogs and sites I question their kvltness
They call themselves kvlt but we’ll see if they’ll link this

Get this away from me, a band dead to me
Their cover art conforms, I see it as sad, y’know
They put girls on a record from side to side
But covered-up, bikinis, a glimpse of a backside
Rebels? Mind control! Rap is the father of their “rock and roll”
This music's for who? And why? You call this a band, man?
Makin’ metal music, they abuse it, but they can’t do it...
Ya know, we should review more demos... I’m ashamed of me and you
But Limp Bizkit’s fans aren't afraid of you, so tell them true
About the riffs in Thrash, Black – Grind, Power Metal too.
But Bizkit tried to add a DJ to their band
Rely on their beats to get you out your seat...
And if you think this is fun to hear, well
Durst just detracts, still he annoys to hell
Yet forever and forever, universal ...Cobra will sell!
Time for me to exit, writing, this wrecks it

From coast to coast, listeners to this are just comatose
And this band, their music's sick, like vomit on toast
Underground metal? It will last. Why you ask?
What Bizkit calls guitars, they’ll never get accepted as
They got to improve their riffs, I can’t discriminate
Don’t need to wait for advice, get your songwriting straight
Too glossy, a defect, do us a favour, find a saviour
Durst can sign checks, but play it less staid
Else they’ve got to stop right now before hatred renews
Their music’s existence is dissing me and dissing you
Yeah, I’m telling you...

(With sincere apologies to Public Enemy...)
Killing Songs :
Goat quoted 10 / 100
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