Odd Dimension - Symmetrical
Scarlet Records
Prog Metal
7 songs (47:29)
Release year: 2011
Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Jaime
Basically, Odd Dimension are a keyboard heavy version of Dream Theater with a few little touches of Italian prog thrown in that you can hear a mile off. That is basically it. You could argue that they are rather like a whole swathe of other prog bands in that regards and you'd be quite right. Well, maybe they're not too alike. For a start Odd Dimension are nowhere near as pompous, with most of the tracks landing between the 6 and 7 minute mark, nor are there any massive, throbbing walls of aural masturbation that stretch out the entire album. There are some very blatant cloned sections though. The chord sequences, song structure and grooves have been ripped right out of Dream Theater's back catalogue. Opener Farewell To The Stars sounds very similar to Constant Motion for example.

But the band isn’t without its own little quirks. The vocals are rather excellent all round, even some growled vocals pop up in the little pseudo-death metal section in the initially serene Another Shore, something that switches up the entire song as it becomes a more energised affair thereafter. The hyper twee Light Speed Journey could've been lifted straight out of a late 80's/early 90's prog album of your choosing with all its little synth trappings and happyhappyhappy nature. Speaking of the 80's there's I'll Be Back Once More which, before and after the keyboard solo, is a hairspray laden hard rock song. The riffs, the production, it’s all there. To be quite honest the comparative simplicity is a breath of fresh air compared to some other bands. Odd Dimension seem to know that they don't need to be constantly over the top.

A fairly brief review then. The band is filled with competent performers, the production's good but all in all there's nothing new here in the slightest and is at times bordering on plagiarism. It's prog to be sure, but seems to be stuck in that odd situation of prog that does what's done before. A safe and easy listen.
Killing Songs :
Another Shore
Jaime quoted 70 / 100
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