Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water
Flip Records
Hip-Hop Metal
15 songs (75'10)
Release year: 2000
Limp Bizkit, Flip Records
Reviewed by Marc

Limp Bizkit's new album was difficult to miss. All record stores have at least a hundred copies waiting for you. But is there music behind the marketing?

After 1m18s too long 1m18s intro the first song (hot dog) starts and it's a good one. Guitar riffs are aggressive and the vocals scream of rage (but in a hip-hop way). It won't take long, however, to realize the limited vocabulary of the band. But anyway, this is good, catchy music.

Unfortunately, track after track, it gets less original and apart from a few good songs, quite boring. And if "Take A Look Around", taken from the Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack is very good (sure they didn't compose the mission impossible theme but they use it in a good way) the last track (rollin') is a stinking piece of manure.

This album would have a better quote if it was shorter. So if you're open-minded about hip-hop and don't mind buying a CD for only three or four good song, why not try it? Others should listen to real metal instead.

Killing Songs :
Take A Look Around, My Way, Hot Dog
Marc quoted 69 / 100
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