Old Man's Child - Revelation 666
Century Media
Symphonic Black Metal
8 songs (40'14)
Release year: 2000
Old Man's Child, Century Media
Reviewed by Danny

If a land between Heaven and Hell existed, I am sure the national hymn of this land would be Symphonic Black Metal.
The mixture of those "divine" keyboards and apocalyptic guitars is simply amazing. One of those band ruling this land would be Dimmu Borgir, but Old Man's Child would be the other one. I am always astonished how those bands (black metal) have added in their music symphonic, epic and also classical elements which makes today black metal one of the most complete and complex music in the metal style. OK, black metal's voices are special : you like it or you hate it. I can understand it.......as I took some time before being totally assimilated by this type of metal. On Revelation 666 you will find all the element that have make the success of Dimmu Borgir Spiritual Black Dimension. The main difference (?) between those two albums is this symphonic element that Old Man's Child has added........or should I say accentuated. Keyboards are ultra, mega melodic and their fusion with "speedy" guitar riffs is almost perfect. The drummer is very very excited (Tjodalv......Ex-Dimmu Borgir), completing this typical chaotic black metal sound. This is the forth album of Old Man's Child and their most mature (which should be almost always the case for any band). Songs are epic, symphonic and very black. The big winner in this album is this wedding between Mr. Keyboard and Mr. Guitar, sending the devil himself back to school. Well done guys.

Killing Songs :
Phantoms Of Mortem Tales, Hominis Nucturna, In Black Endless Void
Danny quoted 89 / 100
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