Night In Gales - Nailwork
Nuclear Blast
Trash / Death Metal
11 songs (44'04)
Release year: 2000
Night In Gales, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Danny

The mixture seems to be endless with metal. Nailwork could be resumed to : trash metal (very typical trash riffs) mixed with aggressive (death metal) and clear voice. Nailwork, first song of this album, let you think you gonna be devastated by trash metal riffs, but Blades To Laughter is much more classical (heavy metal and reminding me....Accept). Some "black metal" keyboard sound have been added. Night In Gales's music is quiet good, but breaks between on style to another (trash to black to classical heavy metal) isn't as accomplished as Children Of Bodom. The recipe is good, but the glue used by the band isn't appropriated. From Testament (riffs) to Children Of Bodom (mixture of different type of metal), something is missing and it's called : magic. May be next time. May be Night In Gales should not follow to many trend on the same album (from trash riff to black metal part, voices are suddenly clear and after aggressive : death or neo-metal style). Far to be a bad music, but some listeners could be lost with this "over" exaggerated mixture of metal style. Potentially interesting (we talking about the music here, not the quality of musicians which is definitively great), Night In Gales "blooming" might come on the next one (third album so far). A challenger to watch over in the future.

Killing Songs :
Nailwork, Blades To Laughter
Danny quoted 75 / 100
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