Steel Attack - Fall Into Madness
AFM Records
Power Metal
9 songs (45'49)
Release year: 2001
AFM Records
Reviewed by Chris

The new Steel Attack album starts exactly where their impressive debut album left. The first thing that strikes immediately is the production which is better than the first one. With some mistakes in the mastering process apparently, nothing serious and it's maybe just my CD that have a defect but there is a small saturation on some syllables sometimes, nothing terrible and you can barely notice it (you have to really pay attention). Anyway, the overall sound is really powerful and better than its predecessor.

Steel Attack play a raw, square yet melodic Power Metal. They really cannot easily be compared to other bands as they have a sound and a song writing of their own (and quite mature with that). Add to that the charismatic vocals of their singer Steve which I warn you have absolutely not the typical True/Power Metal voice. You might even find it strange during the first spins, but trust me once you've went through the album a few times you'll find him perfect for the music (he really is!) and his vocals contributes to the band's originality. The guitars are really cool, simple but strong riffs during verses and excellent guitar intros and solos. Drumming is aggressive and fast and I can also tell you that these guys rocks in Live show. They are 10 times more aggressive live (the vocals at least). And the last time I saw them I was simply amazed !!!

The only complaint would be that this album is too similar than their debut masterpiece (no less!) When Mankind Fails. This new opus tends to be too repetitive and contains less killer songs. It is also less progressive in the song writing than the debut album. So it would seem that their style haven't really evolved in 2 years and for me there's maybe a warning here.

Still it's a good album, especially if you don't know the band yet. I sincerely hope they'll make something a tad different (but don't change your style !) in the third album. But even if I'm a little bit disappointed (especially after 2 years of waiting) by the linearity of this album and band : I prefer that than some other bands totally unable to deliver a second album to confirm their fantastic debut (I'm of course talking about Iron Fire, what a pity !). You into melodic Power Metal, you like great guitar parts (great intros / solos) ? Then be sure to check out this very cool band that answers to the name Steel Attack. Keep up the good work.

Killing Songs :
Fall Into Madness, Judgment Day, Clearing The Mind, Fireballs.
Chris quoted 85 / 100
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