Steel Attack - Predator Of The Empire
Arise Records
True/Speed Metal
10 songs (49'50)
Release year: 2003
Arise Records
Reviewed by Danny

Exit AFM Records ! Steel Attack has rejoined Arise Records.

Predator Of The Empire marks the first album with the Spanish label and sees the arrival of a new singer, Dick Johnson, also coming from Sweden (Gothenburg). After the departure of Steve Steel - which decided to concentrate only on Carnal Forge (thrash metal, drums) - the band made the right choice as Dick "sounds" more or less like Steve Steel. Dick actually reminds me these vocalist of the 80's - influenced by Dio ? - and he is quite good when it comes to high pitch notes. As said earlier, a good choice.

As for the music, Steel Attack is back with an album close to their excellent sophomore album - Where Mankind Fails. The song-writing has improved and songs like Heavy Metal God, The Holy Sign or Predator Of The Empire, with these typical galloping Iron Maiden riffs score straight away. Cursed Land- the second track - is a mid-tempo song which sounds less "true metal" and shows a new facet of the band. Arise - the seven track - is a classic true metal song where the galloping riffs emerge from everywhere - Edguy isn't far away. Catchy chorus, excellent bridge, tons of speedy guitar melody - who said Helloween - and lots of rhythm diversity. However ...

Where Mankind Fails is one of my favorite true metal album - just after Nocturnal Rites, Tales Of Mystery And Imagination - and as we were driving from Geneva to Hamburg back in 1999 for our first Wacken festival - 2300 km with the car !!!- Steel Attack album was turning nonstop in the car hours after hours. A great record if you ask me. Unfortunately, it is sometimes a "trap" to start with such a killer record. Of course, Predator Of the Empire is a little better compare to their previous studio album, Fall Into Madness. I really like the variety of the songs on that one and the trademark of the first album has been "resurrected". However ...

There is no doubts that true metal is Steel Attack's essence of life ! Unfortunately, since Hammerfall explode our neck with Glory To The Brave, this type of metal seems to have turn into sellout directions, with continuous metal releases that don't attract attention because of versatility - not necessary a lake of originality - but because one band sounds like the other one and without any trace of success ! Steel Attack is just another band falling in this category. Now if you are a fan of true/speed metal, I can only recommend you to check this band as Predator Of The Empire is a good and honest piece of true metal. Nothing less. However ... nothing more.

Considering the recent lineup change, we will keep an eye to their next studio album ... after this tour ... which will certainly consolidate the team. Keep on working guys !

What a shame the band decided to change their logo ... as the previous one was really cool.. This one is so conventional :(

Killing Songs :
Heavy Metal God
Danny quoted 80 / 100
Mike quoted 80 / 100
Jeff quoted 85 / 100
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