Time Requiem - Time Requiem
Regain Records
Neo-Classical Progressive Metal
9 songs (59'29)
Release year: 2002
Time Requiem, Regain Records
Reviewed by Marty
Surprise of the month
Richard Andersson, keyboard wizard and mastermind behind the neo-classical Power Metal band Majestic has decided to put the band on ice for a while. Unhappy with the the lack of label support and promotion that Majestic's latest album received, but still bound by contracts, he's decided to bring forth a totally new band, using most of the same line-up as Majestic and presents us with a much more technical and fierce sound. This "new" band is called Time Requiem and this is the debut album for this band that is made up of very seasoned veterans. Richard Andersson, besides being the founder of Majestic, is a much sought after keyboard player with a stunning talent for playing with incredible speed and precision. He's even turned down an offer to join Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force due to other commitments. Vocalist Apollo Panthanasio, besides Majestic, has also provided vocals for fellow Swedish metallers Meduza. Rounding out the line-up is Magnus Nord, guitar (Majestic), Peter Wildoer, drums (Darkane, Majestic) and Dick Lovgren, bass (In Flames, Armageddon, Last Tribe).

Speed, playing that is of flawless precision, and a sound that is big with lots of melody and tons of guitar and keyboard soloing is the best and easiest way to describe the sound of Time Requiem. The band manages to capture the mood and atmosphere of other progressive metal giants such as Dream Theater, Symphony X and Fates Warning with their mix of choppy riffs, lots of tempo changes and a sound that dates back to the origins of neo-classical metal with very obvious influences from the 80's Yngwie Malmsteen and 70's Rainbow. Lots (I mean lots!!) of classically influenced speed scale runs are crammed into every possible space with many of their songs mixing guitar, keyboards and even harpsichord that really is a throw back to the classic Rising Force era of the 80's. One track, Milagros Charm even manages to sound strikingly similar to Liar off of Yngwie's Trilogy album with the tempo, use of a speedy muted sound and the overall melodic style. The band uses a more speedy Power Metal approach to several tracks on this album with lots of double bass drumming and very fast riffing that just leaps out of your speakers. Keyboard choir effects and other keyboard orchestrations really add a richness to the sound of this band and in several instances, 70's influences from bands like Yes and Genesis) can be heard with the way several tracks wind down into dreamy, hypnotic interludes that were such a staple of those classic bands.

Vocally, I don't think I've ever heard Apollo sound better. He really sings his heart out on this album, as if in many ways, this is a new beginning. Each track has very catchy and clever vocal melodies, very effective use of backing vocals and very strong choruses. I really think that his voice has characteristics that remind me of Mark Boals (Yngwie, Ring Of Fire), Graham Bonnet (Alcatrazz, Rainbow, MSG, Impellitteri) and Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Yngwie, Turner - Hughes Project). He provides the perfect voice for this style of music that is such a reminder of the great neo-classical metal/hard rock that came from the 70's and 80's.

The arrangements are very technical and complex and really require the listener to pay close attention to what the band is offering. One or two listens is not enough to appreciate the music of Time Requiem. I love more complex music and when it's combined with a heavier, more neo-classical sound, it has all the right elements for very exciting music. One thing that may be a turn-off for a few is the somewhat excessive soloing. It does get a little monotonous at times and even seems a bit out of place or even unnecessary for a few tracks. Some of the classically flavored guitar/keyboard interludes have a very, very "familiar" sound to them and if I was more of a classical music enthusiast, I could swear that a few of the melodies were "borrowed" from the masters themselves. There's nothing really wrong with that as Yngwie has been doing that for his entire career!!

If you're a big progressive metal fan, like lots of lead synthesizer/keyboards with killer guitar playing all mixed into very complex arrangements, waste no time in picking up this CD. Fans of Dream Theater and Symphony X will find lots to like about this album as well. Bigger, better and more intense than Majestic but taken a step further into the realm of technical progressive metal with stunning results. Majestic hasn't really gone away, it's evolved and refined itself into a new progressive metal monster called Time Requiem.

Killing Songs :
Time Requiem, Milagros Charm, Brutal Mentor, Visions Of A New Dawn and Above And Beyond
Marty quoted 86 / 100
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