Wisdom Call - Wisdom Call
Massacre Records
Power Metal
10 songs (46'34)
Release year: 2001
Wisdom Call, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Chris

Well, Narnia's singer and other Narnia and Stormwind members made this Wisdom Call side project (a band name that reminds Freedom Call... although we're millions of light years away quality wise). The good thing about it is that even if there are members of Narnia : it doesn't sound like "who you know I don't like :)" (I think I've written his name enough lately, but if you're really want to know who I'm talking about, remember the unidentified object flying over Australia). But unfortunately that doesn't make Wisdom Call a great band just for that.

Okay, they play Power Metal, no surprise there, and the problem is that they play too typical Power Metal that you get instantly bored by the songs (they sound like clumsy copy paste of typical songs), no need to fight it, this is unoriginal as hell. I don't understand how this kind of release can be signed and when great underground acts fight like hell to get attention upon themselves and sometimes never get out of the underground scene (talk about justice). There are to be something about the whole music business that I sometimes just don't get.

Once again one of the best thing about the release is the artcover and maybe also the production. I'm no huge fan of the vocals, they're not bad, they're actually okay, they just tend to bore me. An easy release that will fool no one out there... easy, uninteresting, empty, uninspired... quickly forgotten. Don't lose your time with that album... it's not worth it trust me. I hope the next albums from their respective former bands will be better than this (cause I kinda like Stormwind) otherwise I would really worry if I were them. Red card !

Killing Songs :
Mayday !!! mayday !!! I've been hit, my player's on fire... eject eject !!!
Chris quoted 37 / 100
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