Arch Enemy - Wages Of Sin
Toy's Factory (Japan)
Brutal Melodic Death Metal
11 songs (44'44)
Release year: 2001
Arch Enemy
Reviewed by Chris
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After a short intro, which could be discribe as the calm before the storm : the album then starts with the best guitar riff I've heard since the song Metal Victory (Iron Fire - Thunderstorm)... and then comes the raging growling aggressivity of the female vocalist Angela Gossow who's replacing Arch Enemy's old singer : Johan Liiva. One thing is sure, I officially declare her my limit in vocals (maybe also musically as I usually don't listen to music that brutal)... and I wouldn't try to mug her (even if she's really beautiful) on the streets that's for sure ;). Vocals are more aggressive and more growly than In Flames or Children Of Bodom while being clear enough to understand the lyrics (maybe with a little help of the booklet, especially if English isn't your mother tongue...). She sometimes takes a voice that also reminds me of U.D.O but with much more brutality into it. The music is melodic most of the times, and when it's not it tends to be very square, maybe limit Thrashy for me but within acceptable limits.

So basically the Swedish band Arch Enemy it reminds me COB meets In Flames with vocals à la Brimstone (but technically superior) ! The bands love good guitar melodies interspersed with brutal discharges of raw music. I love most of it but the Thrashy moments are a bit difficult for me to digest as I particularly dislike that style (but if you love both then you'll love it even more !). Impressive solo, fast, accurate, damn melodic and very original ones too. So if you're looking for the most brutal Death Metal around, without compromising too much the melody (and without sounding like total noise like brutal metal can sometimes be) then you might very well fall in love with Arch Enemy ! Although sometimes too brutal for me, I must admit that Angela have a hell of a vocal range abilities, she can scream, growls and make her brutal voice vary anyway she likes in order to deliver the most rich range I've heard on a single Death Metal release so far. I just wished she would be a bit less growly (but that's just my personal taste).

The CD has been released in Japan (since April 25th) but is yet to be announced for an European release (same for US). The CD is very well produced and the sound is raw and powerful. For all fans of brutal music, mainly Melodic Death Metal like the above mentioned bands, then be sure to check out Arch Enemy once it's out. This 4th album of theirs sure is an impressive one !

Killing Songs :
Enemy Within, Burning Angel, Ravenous, Savage Messiah, The First Deadly Sin.
Chris quoted 92 / 100
Crims quoted 94 / 100
Ben quoted 90 / 100
Jason quoted 90 / 100
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