Arch Enemy - War Eternal
Century Media
Melodic Death Metal
13 songs (48)
Release year: 2014
Arch Enemy, Century Media
Reviewed by Joel
Major event
So here is War Eternal the brand new disc from Arch Enemy, sans-Angela Gossow who left the band to concentrate on the business side of the band and family. I have been a fan of the band since the earlier days of Johan Liiva as well. Many of you will say that Arch Enemy is Angela or Johan, and I am not going to get into that argument or comparison. Like when Angela joined the band in 2000, their were many detractors, many who believed the band was dead. If you can't deal with the change the band has made, then please feel free to not read what is below. Now that my rant is complete, please feel free to read my review below!

After a brief symphonic intro, the band goes into full speed with the track, Never Forgive, Never Forget. Great melodic guitar leads, blast beats,and aggressive vocals from Alissa White-Gluz. Similar to Angela has she can get downright guttural in her vocals. I have seen her do these vocals live with The Agonist and in guest performances with Kamelot. She is talented at what she does, though her vocal style may not be some people's preferences. The first single and video is for the song War Eternal. This song brings back memories from earlier discs like Wages of Sin, specifically the song Ravenous. The second song I heard off the disc was As The Pages Burn, another fast pace song with some amazing drumming. Big melodic yet aggressive chorus which has been an Arch Enemy trademark is featured in this song. No More Regrets officially has my favorite intro of any song on the disc. I love the lead guitar work on the song. You Will Know My Name slows things down in the beginning, with a very cool build up that leads into the faster parts of the song. The melodic solo just after the intro, gave me chills(being a guitarist myself). This is a very melodic mid-paced song. Lots of dynamics, tempo changes, and sweeping guitar leads. Graveyard of Dreams is a slower instrumental with some beautiful lead guitar work. This is song is a very nice break, from the heaviness before and after it.

At just under three minutes, Stolen Life is the shortest song with vocals on the disc. It has speed, melody and downright aggression during its short play time. There is even a few almost symphonic like moments on the instrumental side of things. Time is Black features some very cool guitar riffs throughout while On and On is more straightforward with the usual melodic chorus. Piano introduces Avalanche with a flurry of guitar arpeggios that follow the piano line. This is a solid song, much like the songs earlier in the disc. Down to Nothing is the last song on the disc, and brings back some very guttural vocals from White-Gluz. Almost extreme death metal in some parts, its amazing what she can do with her voice. Listen for the melodic leads, as they are frenzied, fast and found throughout the song. The last song on the disc is the almost doom metal like instrumental, Not Of This World. It is a good song to finish out the disc, whether it was necessary that would be up to you. I believe its the perfect song to come down to, after the frenzied craziness that was the song before it.

Some of you may say I like this disc too much, or that I am not giving it a fair comparison to what came before it. That is exactly what I am doing, by not comparing it. The band is starting a new chapter with Alissa White-Gluz on vocals, and it deserves a fair listen. I actually like this disc more than Khaos Legions, and from an instrumental point of view it is as good as Wages of Sin. I believe Arch Enemy has found new life, and hopefully even more new fans. I am hoping they find their way back to the States very soon. Rest assured, Arch Enemy is back, and in my opinion, have really created a great new chapter in their brand of melodic death metal.

Killing Songs :
As The Pages Burn, Never Forgive-Never Forget, Avalanche, Down To Nothing
Joel quoted 89 / 100
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