Concerto Moon - The End Of The Beginning
Limb Music Products
Power Metal
13 songs (73'53)
Release year: 2001
Concerto Moon, Limb Music Products
Reviewed by Marc

Limb music is publishing all the albums of the japanese power-metalers and now its time for their live album.

Concerto Moon is playing fast, melodic power-metal with really impressive guitar solos. The talent of their lead guitarist being the strong point of the band since the singer is average. But the guitar is the key element of their music, and in the end it's quite a good band. I'm not a big fan of live recordings. I usually listen to live CD once or twice when I buy it and then they are just there for the collection. At least this one, recorded in Tokyo, is well produced and has a very good sound.

Since it's a live, I recommend it only if you're a fan of the band, in that case it's a fine addition to your collection. Otherwise you might wanna check their Rain Forrest album.

Killing Songs :
King Of The Judas, Victim Of Desire, Alone In Paradise
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