Concerto Moon - Rain Forest
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Power Metal from "Japan"
10 songs (63'40)
Release year: 2000
Concerto Moon, Limb Music Products
Reviewed by Chris

Concerto Moon are a power metal band from Japan. You must know I like Japanese metal by now as X-Japan is my all time favorite band whatsoever ! So it was with some astonishment that I discovered this band and the fact that there not new ! It's their 3rd of 4th album so far (there's a live album included in this number I think). Anyway the singer is weird and like every Japanese guy his English is difficult to understand although his accent is not that bad compared to others I have to admit.

The music is nice, fast paced and strong guitar parts, but that's the least you would expect from Japanese The solos themselves tend to be to fast and technical and not that melodic so I kinda don't like them that much. The keyboards moments are also no much of my taste and when there's a keyboards solo followed by a guitar solo, it tends to get very technical and not musical enough if you ask me. I don't deny the talent there, but inspiration might be the missing thing here.

Half song are in English and half in Japanese, so some people might have problems with that fact, it personally doesn't bother me as I listen to a lot of Japanese bands who mainly sing in this wonderful language. Anyway for me this band has nothing special, one cliché after another and they tend to be even boring if you ask me. I personally like a few songs, but those were the one singed in Japanese and because they sound like the songs made for a Japanese animation called "Saint Seiya" (I think the name of the band is Make-Up).

Now there are lots of excellent Japanese bands out there like : X-Japan, Siam Shade, Luna Sea,... and I dunno why no one tries to get some distribution deal with Japanese record companies ??? Anyway. Like I said I'm not fund of Concerto Moon but maybe it's just me, so I suggest you try them out and judge for yourself.

Killing Songs :
Chris quoted 55 / 100
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