Freternia - Warchants & Fairytailes
Power Metal
9 songs (44'29)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Chris

Unless I'm wrong this is the debut album for the band Freternia. First thing that strikes is the singers voice, and unfortunately in a not so good way. I don't know if it's me but the guy is singing bad ! That's pretty unfortunate cause the music is up to the challenge !

Freternia plays a very melodic, heroic kinda power metal. Strong riffs and drums with this so loved (for me at least) medieval atmosphere and nice choirs on chorus which transforms the songs into metal hymns. The overall is very good although it took me several listens to accept the sound and production of the album which could be far better than it is. The singer again, after 10 times is getting OK to listen, sometimes he sings nicely, sometimes trying to get some Blind Guardian effects, but sometimes it's really borderline awful and that's where Freternia should concentrate their efforts, on improving the vocals, cause the guitars are excellent, strong, fast paced, melodic in a way you want to dance on them, not to mention the wonderful solos !

This is a band with a lot of talent, but they are some progress to be done in vocals, and somehow this is really putting a huge brake to the band, vocal is amongst the most important thing.... well every single instrument must and have the same importance, but you hardly notice a bad bass (not on this release, I meant in general :) ) playing where you can only hear the singer the first time you listen to an album.

This is on the same spirit as bands like Morifade or Persuader. I definitely recommend this album to all power / true metal fans, but I suggest you try it first, cause you might have problems with the singer. But like I said musically it's fucking impressive, so give them a chance, after a few listens it tends to be okay, trust me ! :)

Killing Songs :
There all great songs and the guitars are killing me on this release.... there so gooooooood ! :)
Chris quoted 75 / 100
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