Falling Silence - The Only Guilty (Demo)
Heavy Metal
4 songs (14'49)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Chris

This is a demo CD from a Swiss band I received lately. It's not a full length album but a 3 titles CD.

The first song which entitles the CD : The Only Guilty starts with a good riffs, and the song is quite enjoyable in its overall. I'm not really found of the female vocals though. I think she can sing much more better than this and might want to practice a little bit. She shows moments where her vocals are good, but they are also contrasted with very indifferent, even boring moments. The songwriting is a bit simple and the bands needs to work their transitions are these aren't very smooth.

Some good moments then and there, good heavy-metal riffs but the overall doesn't really bring anything new around. I don't believe that these 3 songs demonstrate enough for Falling Silence to get any kind of deal. I'd say the band still needs to improve. First the vocals (there are some mistakes), more originality and a better, less linear drumming part. My favorite thing about this little demo are guitars, there are some really nice moments and maybe it would be a good idea to consider writing the songs around the guitar melodies or riffs instead of building them around the vocal melody. But that's just a thought.

Killing Songs :
a few good riffs, but not an entire song.
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