Falling Silence - Shadows
11 songs (50:26)
Release year: 2002
Reviewed by Ger

This is actually the first Italian metal band that I have ever actually heard and it has brought me to mixed emotions.

Let me begin by saying that this isn't a bad album but it's also not a great album. that is to say, it has it's moments. The production is actually pretty good with every instrument at the right volume so nothing is too overpowering. As for the playing, most of it is not incredibly difficult but there are parts where it gets technical (Mother Kill Me) and it shows that the players know their shit. The singing (in my opinion) is pretty horrendous, it sounds like Davy Havok from AFI but without the melody.

Musically, this album is of a pretty high class but the singing kind of drags it down. I'd have to say that if the they had a better singer, I would of given this album a much better score. Overall, a fairly good album by a fairly good band but I strongly suggest that you listen to it if your thinking of buying it.

Killing Songs :
Shadows Over Me, The Only Guilty
Ger quoted 64 / 100
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