Divinity Destroyed - Nocturnal Dawn
Power Metal (?)
8 songs (34:35)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Ger
Surprise of the month

I thought I might pick a few unreleased bands this week. Let me start that this band sounded nothing like I expected them to. For starters I thought they were going to be doom/goth metal band but instead turned out to be completely different.....and I am not upset at all, this is a really good album.

After listening to this album the first time around, I couldn't decide what to think about it. I had only really had it on in the background. After listening to it a third time, I was starting to pick up all the intricacies of the songs and was hooked.

Let me start by saying that I love the singing on this album. He/they (not sure) is/are able to get really beautiful melodies and hit all the notes perfectly, the best example of this is in the first two song's choruses (Void and Night Must Fall). These really blew me away as far as the singing was concerned. They are all very talented as far as their instruments are concerned and the keyboard really adds a nice dimension to some of the songs (Red Reflection in particualar). Overall the production is really top notch except in a few of the songs, the guitar is really hard to hear and is drowned out by the drums, piano and singing.

A few of the songs held some surprises for me, NVNDK has one of the coolest intros to a song I have heard for a while, the beatiful flowing keys suddenly get obliterated by the hamering drums and an awesome riff while the singer(s) do a huge death metal growl into the microphone. The only real problems i had with this album is in Red Reflections, the chorus really got on my nerves and the last song, Nocturnal Dawn, is a song that shouldn't have gone for 3:20 because it is just the same thing over and over again.

On a final note, I would say that if your a fan of metal in general, you should hop on over to their website and pick yourself up a copy of this album as soon as you can because it is a pearler. On the other hand I would also suggest that you listen to some songs before buying as you may not like it as much as i did.

Killing Songs :
Void, Night Must Fall, NVNDK, Forsaken
Ger quoted 87 / 100
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