Dark Moor - Shadowland
B.O. Records
True Metal
9 songs (47'35)
Release year: 2000
Dark Moor
Reviewed by Chris

Here comes a Spanish band... The last one I've heard was Sorcery... the music was good but the singer sucked. So after a few seconds of music there is pretty much things I can tell : Sound is not good, mixing is awful, but the music itself seems to be very melodic and nicely written. Then the singer (female) start singing... somehow reminding me a bit of White Skull... but without her shouting power of course! So this melodic music and the female vocalist seems to be an interesting mix, but the realization is far away from what our ears usually are used to... Some of the arrangements are really smart and reminds me of After Image (a Japanese speed metal band). The first song of the album is cool, but I still think the mixing is fucked up and doesn't help the overall to get some integrity... like every instruments were recorded separately and not put together right... The solo of the first song is Malmsteenian but of course doesn't sound as good because of the terrible production... After a few listens the first song really makes a good place in my mind and I really like it ... but I wished the overall sound would be better that this. The ambiance of the album is definitely Medieval and second track reminds me of Rhapsody and Blind Guardian (medieval style acoustic). The third song start with a typical Malmsteen riff again but the melody doesn't hold on rails and the train just go crash... This songs definitely is inspired from Fire In The Sky (Malmsteen)... but poorly realized. The album goes on and on, on the same tone all the way... Nice ideas then and there but a terrible final result... with some amazing moments that makes me rageous... cause this album could have been a lot better if it was produced correctly !!! I hope and wish for the band to find a better producer and work a lot on their sound, cause they have good ideas... so keep it up guys !

Killing Songs :
Shadowland, Magic Land and Born In The Dark.
Chris quoted 46 / 100
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