Danger Danger - The Return Of Glider Sleeves
MTM Music
Hard Rock
11 songs (52'04)
Release year: 2000
Danger Danger, MTM Music
Reviewed by Chris

The new Danger Danger CD is here... and well, as always (almost... let's forgive our friends for their unlistenable 3rd album) they are playing nice old hard rock songs. Catchy melodies and lyrics, nothing new but nicely done and that's the kind of CD you can put everywhere, even your girlfriend will like this one :). For those who don't know Danger Danger they are a hard-rock band you could compare to Bon Jovi, Winger (some songs really sound like Winger in that one actually), Honeymoon suite... well the list is long, and you probably get the picture by now. As for the production it's okay... could be better but nothing bad, sound like good old hard-rock and perhaps it's the sound they wanted as well. The album is kinda separated into two parts... the first one which sound more like the 2 first albums, and the second part is more rock'n roll like, and honestly I prefer the first half of the album. The artwork could be better... I'm missing the painting from the first albums. In the end it's a good album, with excellent songs like When She's Good She's Good, Dead, Drunk or Wasted or She's Gone (slow), but it's far from competing with the 2 first albums... too bad.

Killing Songs :
Walk It Like You Talk It, When She's Good She's Good, Dead, Drunk And Wasted.
Chris quoted 73 / 100
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