Dio - Magica
Spitfire Records
US Heavy Metal
10 songs (71'43)
Release year: 2000
Dio, Spitfire Records
Reviewed by Danny

Well, who am I to judge Mr. Voice ? Dio is so mystical, magical, unbelievable that somehow, before even listening to his new songs, you have this feeling it's gonna be a killing, it's gonna be a new classic heavy metal album in your metal collection. And that's where the problem stand. You except so much from this guy, that you will be 10 times harder for the judgment. Where another band will have a very good quote, Dio has not the right to miss a single verse, a single bridge, a single chorus, a single note. Celebrity and talent has also its inconvenience.
I was excepting may be too much with Magica. I though that Holy Diver part 2 was underway. Magica ? Dio's voice is still magical (best voice around since ages and ages). Song-writing is also good, but there is missing a neck-breaker song, a neck-breaker riffs, a magical chorus, a magical song.
Now, as I said above, with a name like Dio, pressure is almost natural. So let's judge the music and not the mystical singer.
There are good, very good songs on this magica. First song Lord Of The Last Day is very heavy, but sounds like a.....Metallica song (riff) played very slowly. The voice of the master does the rest. Dio's voice is at the top. Fever Dreams, where Dio is again unbelievable, is definitively the hit-song of Magica. Losing My Insanity, with its Running Wild intro, is also one of my favorite song. The story of Magica is enclosed in the limited edition, but you won't have to read it. On last track (18'26), Dio explains you the story behind Magica (concept album). Good against Bad. And as you should know, the good must always win.
I will let you discover the story of Magica by yourself. I will let you discover the winner. But another winner, which is not mentioned in the booklet or in the story of Magica, is the heavy metal fan. This album is really good and as I already said "What a singer !!!". The best Dio's album since Holy Diver.
Welcome back Mr. Voice and congratulation again........even though I am sure, I am 100% sure, this line-up can do much better.

Killing Songs :
Lord Of The Last Day, Fever Dreams, Turn To Stone, Losing My Insanity
Danny quoted 85 / 100
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