Dismal Euphony - Python Zero
Nuclear Blast
Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
8 songs (43'11)
Release year: 2001
Dismal Euphony, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Marc
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"Our challenge was to make an aggressive and powerful album that did not sound like any other artists" says Ole Helgesen singer and bassist of Dismal Euphony. And it seems they have achieved that and much more.

It's difficult to put Python Zero in a simple style category, since they mix many influences. I could say it has the atmosphere of black metal, the emotion of gothic music and the aggression of death metal while still remaining melodic. Add to that the wonderful vocals with both a male and a female voice, both clear, and the large amount of electro elements and you've got something that I know is a bit difficult to imagine but that I can't describe in a better way. My task is complicated by the fact that each song is unique, from very aggressive to atmospheric, one song could be described as darkwave and the last one is a western song. That's true a real western song, complete with the gunfight samples, like on a western soundtrack. It could have been ridiculous but in fact that's a great song. This album is crazy and some people might find it deconcerting at first, but it's really a masterpiece. The sounds are incredible and the result of an excellent production.

A wonderful album, that goes beyond the usual styles, that all fans of creative music should like. Highly recommended.

Killing Songs :
Needle, Critical Mass, Zentinel
Marc quoted 94 / 100
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