Hateplow - The Only Law Is Survival
Pavement Music
Death / Grindcore
13 songs (34'47)
Release year: 2000
Hateplow, Pavement Music
Reviewed by Marc

Created as a side project by Malevolent Creation's leader Phil Fasciana and Rob Barret (of Cannibal Corpse fame) Hateplow is dedicated to bring you the most intense grindcore sound.

They are quite successful in that task, and Malevolent Creation latest release seems almost quiet and melodic in comparison. Fans of florida's death metal can testify that Fasciana and Barret are amazing guitarists, and once again they're proving it. Vocals are also very good and a bit clearer and more diverse that I would have expected (but I'm still talking about extreme growlings though). The production is off-course excellent with great warm sounds. But in the end you'll have to experience yourself this pulverizing blast of ultra-fast death metal as it is difficult to put into words. The downpoint of this album is it gets a bit repetitive after a while and I wouldn't listen to it many times in a row, but once in a while, for example after having been forced to listen to some shitty music, it helps you to let off steam.

Fans of the most extreme death metal, here's some food for your CD player!

Killing Songs :
Emotional Catastrophe, Shattered By Disease, Traitor
Marc quoted 82 / 100
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