Apollyon Sun - Sub
Mayan Records
Indus / Doom
10 songs (45'55)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Danny

Ex-Celtic Frost Tom G. Fisher is back with Apollyon Sun. Well, I guess a sticker on the CD will help the band to sell more records ... especially with all Celtic Frost's fans out there. After all, Celtic Frost (Swiss band please!) is considered by many bands as the father of black metal (of course with Venom).

Here, no black metal, not a single melody or sound revealing the listener Apollyon Sun is like Celtic-Frost. No, no, no, just this commercial sticker with the mention Ex-Celtic-Frost.

I hit the play button and here comes industrial metal, samples, some neo-metal guitar riff here and there. Apollyon Sun and Celtic Frost have nothing in common; it is like comparing Judas Priest and Two (previous Halford project). Same musician, but a totally different music.

I suggest you listen carefully before buying this Sub, especially if you are a mega-fan of Celtic Frost. If you like indus, psychedelic music, this one is may be for you. Fans of Type 0 Negative or Jack Frost should also check this one as there are some "doomish" element in Apollyon Sun.

Overall, we are very very far from Magical Celtic Frost. An average album from Tom G. Fisher, an average album from somebody we expected may be too much ... miracles. Another band, another music, another story.

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 65 / 100
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