Apocalyptica - Worlds Collide
Cello Metal
12 songs (48:19)
Release year: 2007
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Reviewed by Joe

Apocalyptica member and main songwriter Eicca Toppinen said in a recent interview "...we're trying to reach the whole world with this album and maybe try to get people to listen to Apocalyptica who didn't before". Make of that what you will, but there's no doubt that these Finnish metallists have ascended the platform and gone from "that cello band" to almost a household name, not just in the metal community but outside as well. Playing the half time entertainment at this years Eurovision Song Contest in Finland, a world wide distribution deal with Universal Music and a who's who of guest singers have all contributed to propel these young Finns into stardom.
So no doubt the question most eagerly asked, "have Apocalyptica sold out and changed their style to reach the masses?" Rest assured they havn't changed their style, and therein lies the dilemma, you won't find much on here you havn't heard before if you've been a fan of Apocalyptica since the early days.

Truth be told, I've never much liked their early Metallica covers they performed, finding them a bit cheesy and more of a novelty. I came on board with 2003's Reflections, which was just so new and refeshing at the time. The followup, 2005's self titled album was simply a marvel to behold. Their latest Worlds Collide (possibly a pun referring to Toppinen's statement shown above?) is certainly not a bad album, but it seems the magic and innocence of their earlier albums cannot be heard anymore. This is normally something that happens to most bands, but with Worlds Collide it has resulted in weaker songs and a recycled sound. In some ways they've built their own prison around themselves, creating a sound that's much harder to manoeuvre with primarily instrumental music.

Things start off well enough, with the title track and Grace getting the ball rolling nicely. Now official member, drummer Mikko Sirén has added an extra dimension to the cello metal with his outstanding drum work and has even written Grace and Last Hope. The way the music is structured, there leaves plenty of room for tasty fills, something Sirén takes full advantage of.
From tracks three to five, the band misfires totally. The almost Soundgarden reminiscent track I'm Not Jesus with Slipknot/Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor just doesn't seem to fit with the album. I was hoping the fantastic single Repressed, relased earlier from the album, would be included but sadly this isn't the case.
The David Bowie cover Heroes, translated to Helgen and sung in German by Rammstein's Till Lindemann, is one of the poorest choices for a cover thus far. This isn't just because it's not a metal song, but it simply doesn't seem to be Apocalyptica. It could be the vocals, nothing against Lindemann, but maybe a female German singer could have worked better, but we're only left to speculation now. Stroke picks things up nicely, with a simple but effective sound, making way for the best instrumental track Last Hope, a rockin energetic number featuring Slayer's Dave Lombardo in his obligitory guest appearance on an Apocalyptica album.

It must be said, their playing ability is unrivalled. Often fast and furious but just as often slower and meloncholic, they do represent a fast array of styles within the framework. Quite often you forget these are traditional classical instruments being thrashed to death, quite remarkable.
Possibly their most commerical song and certainly one of the best on the album, I Don't Care with excellent vocalist Adam Gontier from 3 Days Grace. The track remains a fantastic, emotionally charged and slightly meloncholic number that stands out of the crowd. A great number with Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia S.O.S. (Anything But Love) and finally Peace ends the album on a rather dull note. Their albums usually end with a very sorrow filled, epic track but this has none of the qualities we've heard from Apocalyptica before and I was so hoping this would be better because the last track is always something I look forward to, it's just not happening.

So can an old dog learn new tricks? Well...not exactly. Newbies to Apocalyptica should get a kick out of it and the guest singer list will certainly entice people to this record, but to hear Apocalyptica at their best I'd recommend their 2005 self titled release.
As I mentioned before, not a lot you havn't heard before so in some ways, not a step up, not a step down but more of a step to the side. For sure it's worth checking out but I'd wager after a few months with Worlds Collide the dust will settle and be consigned to the back of your CD collection.

Killing Songs :
Grace, Last Hope, I Don't Care, S.O.S. (Anything But Love)
Joe quoted 68 / 100
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