Apocalyptica - Cult
Mercury Records
Cello Metal
13 songs (52'50)
Release year: 2000
Apocalyptica, Mercury Records
Reviewed by Marc
Surprise of the month

This CD will probably win the "Weirdest CD Of The Year" award. These guys have decided to play metal not with guitars like everybody else but with violoncellos! And since they come from Finland where some of the best music is made they had my full attention.

This isn't just metal with some cello in the background, this is a real instrumental cello album. One might object that cellos don't have a metal sound but after applying some distortion and effects no one can say that the result isn't really metal but in a new, original, even weird way. On their first CD they did Metallica covers only but this time the CD is full of their own compositions, except for some covers at the end like the classical "Hall Of The Mountain King" and Metallica's "Fight Fire With Fire". That also means that the tracks don't have a typical metal structure but are more original.

The result is simply excellent. The cello is really a great instrument, especially when used in this unorthodox way. It sounds so heavy and dark. And I can only wonder at the incredible sounds they managed to get out of these instruments. If you're still not convinced, go to the band's website and watch the video of "Path". It's incredible! Four guys headbanging while playing the cello, you don't see that every day.

So if you're bored and think all the bands sound the same, or if you simply are an open-minded metal fan. Try this CD! It's something different, it's wonderful music!

Killing Songs :
Path, Hyperventilation, Kaamos
Marc quoted 88 / 100
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