Theatre Of Tragedy - Inperspective (EP)
Massacre Records
Gothic Metal/Electro Gothic
6 songs (31'36)
Release year: 2000
Theatre Of Tragedy, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Marc

Only after a few months since their last full album (Musique), Theatre Of Tragedy is releasing an EP clearly for the fans.

Theatre Of Tragedy is a band that has been evolving a lot, from their doom debut to the "beauty and the beast" gothic and now electro-gothic they have always surprised us. And now, here is a little gift for the fans. This EP has bonus tracks on it as well as some remixes.

The first song "Samantha" is the bonus track from the cult album "Aegis". A great song but probably most of the fans already have the limited edition of "Aegis" so their attention will be focused on the 4 remixes.

Once again I believe that the fans might be divided, those who like electronic music and acclaimed "Musique" are going to like it very much since the tracks are VERY electro (one of them is even a trance version). Those who hated it and believe that metal shouldn't be mixed with electro will hate those remixes as well. To be noted is the remix of "Lorelei" by the famous electro-pop band "Icon Of Coil".

This is clearly a CD for fans only, I like it very much but I wouldn't recommend it to people discovering the band. Those, I would redirect either to "Aegis" or "Musique" whether they come from a metal musical background or an electro one.

Killing Songs :
Samantha, Lorelei
Marc quoted no quote
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