Steve Walsh - Glossolalia
Magna Carta
Neo Prog Metal
10 songs (59'50)
Release year: 2000
Magna Carta
Reviewed by Danny

Who could imagine one second that Steve Walsh, singer of Kansas, could record such a thing. Once I saw the covert art (a distorted body, with a strange head and ... a cactus), I knew this record would be crazy. Hey, I said crazy, not bad. You won't break your neck on this one, but your brain may be will :-).

Actually, I don't know how to describe this undescribing music. That's prog-metal for sure, but written with a new perspective, a new dimension: samples here and there, heavy and acoustic guitar, piano, violin and dancing together. The overall is a bit chaotic and very atmospheric, but Steve Walsch's music is full of interest. There is not a single boring moment and there is always something to discover for the listener. Well done!

First song Glossolalio, or RATM meets Vanden Plas, is the most "crazy" prog song I have ever heard. I immediately check inside the booklet and discover Steve Walsch's "new-look" on the picture and it is the same one as ... Devin Townsend on Physicist.
Okidoki, things make now more sense for me.

Vocals are as usual excellent and Steve can almost do what ever he wants with his voice. I am also impressed by all the sounds added in each song, which opens a new path in prog metal. Now I am really wondering if this is prog, or if the guy has invented a new style? At the end, I have to admit that this is special, never-heard before, a bit crazy ... but really good.

I am not sure fan of prog-metal will really like this one as neo-metal, piano, samples, vocals are mixed one another, but they sould give a try to this "strange alien". An open mind record for open mind neo-metal-prog fans and a "must play it one time" !!!

Killing Songs :
Glossolalia, Kansas, Hanted Man
Danny quoted 85 / 100
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