Theatre Of Tragedy - Assembly
Nuclear Blast
Electro Pop Metal
11 songs (42'27)
Release year: 2002
Theatre Of Tragedy, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Jack
The time where Theatre Of Tragedy was playing Shakespearian dark, gothic metal is far away and the band will certainly never rake up the past. Do you remember how romantic and beautiful Velvet Darkness They Fear sounded ? And do you remember how soothing and relaxing Aegis sounded ? Well this is now history, because after their 180º turn showed on their previous release Musique, the band persists and releases a recording superior to its predecessor, but in a further electro pop orientation.

Even though I crave for the old Theatre Of Tragedy, the band is right to look for new musical territories, but does it have to be in disfavour of their old fans ? Because I might have been listening to this record for more than a couple of months now, I still don't find a piece of heavy metal in it. Of course people like you and me should be open-minded towards other style of music, and I am, but I don't want to see such a great band playing electro pop metal.

The Musique album was a rough work and imagine what the result must be now that they have perfected their new musical approach. The result is somewhat brilliant, but it's not what I have the right to expect from a band I have been following and supporting since their first album. I am truly disappointed by the musical direction the band is taking. It's all the worse as the angelic and sexually provoking voice of Liv Kristine has never been so exciting.

Unfortunately for the band, you will never hear their music in a metal bar anymore, and you will definitely not hear the band in clubs too. The band is trying hard to reach new musical horizons and thus a larger audience, but I strongly believe that they will instead loose on both counts. Fortunately for us, some bands such as Tristania, The Sins Of Thy Beloved and Sirenia have taken where Theatre Of Tragedy has ended. As for me, I am truly not concerned by the musical orientation Theatre Of Tragedy has decided to follow. I think Theatre of Tragedy will fail exactly where Paradise Lost has failed.

Killing Songs :
Jack quoted 60 / 100
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