Sacred Steel - Iron Blessings
Massacre Records
Power Metal With Random Deathy Vocals
11 songs (48:20)
Release year: 2004
Massacre Records
Reviewed by Brent

Well, what can i say about this album? It is decent, but nothing special. The lead vocals get sort of annoying after a while, but in my opinion, the "deathy" vocals add a good touch when the album would otherwise be pretty bland. The playing of the other band members is good, but it is just the lead vocals that never really set in. He sounds sort of like Geoff Tate on power metal, but he never really changes his pitch or sound, and sounds the same the whole album.

The first song "Open Wide the Gate" is decent, it also opens with those deathy vocals i talked about. The next one is called "Your Darkest Savior", it has great playing, as most of the songs on this album, but i just can't get past the "proggish" vocal stylings of Gerrit P. Mutz on this one or any of them. Next up on the album is Screams of the Tortured, nothing special. And I believe I am just going to stop right here with naming and describing the tracks, because you have already heard the whole album, it seems like they put the same songs on the album several times and mixed them up a bit.

In closing, if you are a fan of the band, then by all means, get it, you probably won't be disapointed if this is what they are normally like. I am a sucker for power metal, but i just can't get into this band. They would be much better with a different vocalist, Mutz is just too "proggy" for this power metal band. He would do fine in a prog rock/metal band, but not here, sorry Gerrit. This band has great potential, i just wish they would use it.

Killing Songs :
They are all decent in their own way, but not "killing".
Brent quoted 40 / 100
Mike quoted 40 / 100
Jeff quoted 69 / 100
Crims quoted 84 / 100
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