Queensryche - Queensrÿche
80's Power Metal
5 songs (21:30)
Release year: 1983
Queensryche, EMI
Reviewed by Crims
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Most EP’s in any given bands catalogue aren’t worth getting. Typically, they have songs which eventually were released or will be released on full-lengths or have some rare or live track that only the hardest of the hardcore fans will appreciate or drop their hard earned money on. Occasionally there are exceptions and Queensrÿche self-titled EP is one such exception. Some people have even gone as far as to claim this is the best EP ever. That’s a lofty claim but regardless this is an excellent EP that both Queensrÿche fans and 80’s Power Metal fans should own without any question.

Before Queensrÿche became Progressive and artsy, as some might say, they played 80’s Power Metal, influenced by Iron Maiden, but with a Speed Metal touch. It was a very common style in the 80’s and has been slightly less prevalent lately, however, one must consider this EP was actually one of the first releases done in this style. The most well known song on here is the classic Queen of the Reich. Even if people hate the rest of this CD or everything else that Queensrÿche have ever done, they still tend to like Queen of the Reich. It has everything you’d want in a classic Metal song: a great, driving, head banging main riff, soaring vocals, a memorable chorus, and a ripping solo. It is almost flawless in all its glory. The rest of the songs are not quite as classic but still have a lot to offer in their own right. Nightrider and Blinded have the most prevalent Maiden feel in both the rhythm structure and the style of riffing. These songs are not in any way complete Maiden worship but rather they take the basis of Maiden’s music and turn it into something a little different. For one thing, Tate’s voice is a lot different than Dickinsons. Those familiar with his style on later releases know what to expect. Tate’s classic high-pitched, melodic voice is in full effect and the Queensrÿche tradition of strong choruses due to catchy vocal melodies is very present on all songs, especially on Lady Wore Black which is a power ballad that is full of emotion and feeling. The last track, Prophecy, that is only available on the re-issue, which is probably the version almost everyone has these days, was recorded during the Rage For Order sessions, however, it was written around the time of this recording so the style is more similar to the rest of the EP than Rage For Order.

Overall this is a can’t miss EP. The songs are a lot more upbeat and faster than the progressive and atmospheric Queensrÿche that most know and that means the songs are also more straightforward. There aren’t any full on epics or multi-faceted pieces of song writing wizardry, but that what makes this EP so interesting to me is that even though the songs are recognizable as Queensrÿche: the structure, influences, and execution is very different from later releases and it’s not throw away material either. The first four songs on here not only rank up with Queensrÿche’s best but are also some of the better songs in the style. I should also mention the production on the re-issue is very 80’s as far as the mix and sounds muted but that’s to be expected. There is another 2003 re-issue which contains a bunch of live songs but the 5 song EP is all you need to fill your collection of either Queensrÿche or 80’s Power Metal. Highly recommended.

Killing Songs :
Queen of the Reich, Nightrider, Blinded, Lady Wore Black
Crims quoted 87 / 100
Mike quoted 89 / 100
Jeff quoted 86 / 100
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