Sacred Steel - Bloodlust
MetalBlade Records
True Heavy Metal ?
10 songs (43'44)
Release year: 2000
MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Danny

When you see (or ear should I say) some unbelievable underground bands who are not able to sign a deal with a label and when you listen to Sacred Steel's singer you ask yourself : Am I in the "forth dimension" or what ? This guy is totally out of tunes...and that's their third albums. Personnaly I prefer the previous one (I said prefer not like). It was at least original in terms of music spirit. But here...even the music is boring. Now I have to admit that I have such a big problem to afford the voice of this singer that I cannot listen to the rest music.
If you can overpass this detail (or if you simply like this type of voice), you will be able (more than me) to listen the overall music. I just can't !

Killing Songs :
good question !
Danny quoted 40 / 100
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