Jaded Heart - Trust
Ulftone Records
Melodic Hard Rock
13 songs (61'52)
Release year: 2004
Jaded Heart, Ulftone Records
Reviewed by Ben
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I have been a fan of this melodic rock band for several years now, and while I have been a fan, they had yet to release the album that pushed them into the same echelon as Pretty Maids or Axxis. They almost made it with IV, in fact they came very close, but then the follow up, The Journey Will Never End took a slight dip in quality. Well, here we are in 2004 with the brand new album, Trust, and not even I was expecting the bombshell that this is!

Jaded Heart’s sound can best be described to others as a darker more intense Bon Jovi without the sappiness. In short, Bon Jovi if he could kick ass. They craft very intricate and moving rock songs and also have a flair for writing emotional ballads that aren’t cheesy or lame. Trust has taken all these elements from past Jaded Heart albums and has injected them with a revitalized energy that breathes a whole new life into the band, the hard rockers rock that much harder and the ballads are taken to a new level in terms of lyrical comparison and emotion. Starting off with what feels like Heaven is Falling part two, is the track Anymore. Many different musical parts are represented here, from the dark, brooding intro to the almost bluesy first verses, then to the huge choir filled choruses, this track is as unpredictable as it is great. The mid tempo rocker Feels Like Home, is heavy on the synth in the intro before it goes into an arena rock anthem of a song with it’s ode to the fans of Jaded Heart all over the world. A short but sweet killer is next with Healer, and even though it is as simple as it can get in terms of melodic rock with its guitar harmonics and predictable build up in the verses that climax in the huge chorus, it is one of the songs that grabbed me from the first spin in my stereo and still captivates me now two weeks and over fifty plays later. A typical relationship song, this is what Jaded Heart does best.

If I were to keep on with the track by track review I would cover and praise this entire album and I don’t really want to do that for the sake of not boring you to tears. I’ll instead point out the new side of the band such as the track Jaded. If there was a perfect mix of modern and old school rock then this is it. Now I know after hearing that you’re probably a little apprehensive because nine times out of ten when someone says anything with the word “modern” in it, it’s gonna suck. Believe me though when I say that I could hear this one on the radio and not mind, the chorus and melodies are pure Jaded Heart one hundred percent, there’s no compromising of the integrity going on here. Fucking Hating You, the angriest song of the groups massive catalog is also one that rocks the hardest. Much in the same vein as Harem Scarem’s You Ruined Everything, this has a biting edge to it but still captures the essence of what makes Jaded Heart, a strong foundation of melody and sing along choruses. While Fucking Hating You might be a surprise, Sweet Summertime will catch anyone completely off guard, it did to me. This is a country, bluegrass song that praises the pleasantries and parties of the summer season. Even though it is vastly different than anything else I own I couldn’t help but laugh while listening to some of the lyrics and hell I’ll admit it, I enjoyed it because it IS a bluegrass song.

The gentle side of Trust can’t go unmentioned so I’ll touch in on a few of the ballads here. Love is Magic is a tender heart wrencher, as is the piano driven If I Lose. I’m betting you can already tell these are relationship songs as evidenced by the titles, so you know what to expect in terms of lyrical content. Masquerade is a half ballad, or more of a soft rocker I should say. A pulsing, throbbing bass intro with some piano builds up into something that might be found in the library of some certain unmentionable adult contemporary artists, but with a definite harder edge to it.

Honestly, I can’t find any major gripes with Trust. If there was one little something that I could nitpick at it to be an asshole, it would be that I wouldn’t have minded one less ballad and one more Jaded or Fucking Hating You. For years now Jaded Heart has been one or two steps away from the recognition and notoriety that they deserve. They stuck it out though and kept releasing quality hard rock cds and finally, with Trust they’ve reached their plateau. And since these guys have been around for fourteen years, I can safely say what I am about to tell you, Trust is the album of their careers and I can guarantee you that even though this is only March, Trust is going to be in my top five of 2004.

Killing Songs :
Healer, Feels Like Home, Jaded, Fucking Hating You, Sweet Summertime
Ben quoted 93 / 100
Danny quoted 92 / 100
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