Invidia - Reflections of the Shattered Glass
Self Financed
Speed/Death Metal
5 songs (23:27)
Release year: 2004
Reviewed by Jay

Another veteran of the Brooklyn metal scene and the L’amour nightclub are New York natives Invidia. They recently sent me their demo and I have to say I’m sad I missed seeing them play live on that stage. They have a good sound that with some work could possibly elevate them to a nice deal with a label.

The music is a good start but needs some work. On a few tracks, the backing black metal styled vocals become excessive and overshadow the surprisingly heavy vocals of Michael Bergin. Their main influences seem to be Gothenburg bands and True bands but slight touches of prog creep into the sound at points. Several tracks reminded me a little bit of Skyfire in parts. This album is a quality release for a self-financed band but a few aspects could be cleaned up. The bass is a little too prominent for the mix and the double bass sounds muted and diffuse. A few of the transitions from verse to chorus need to be tightened up as well. The package could be a lot tighter all together. However, this does not hold the band back too much. Some killer tracks like “Keeping the Faith…” show a flair for a new twist on the classic metal we’ve all come to know and love. “Apophasis” is a more chaotic track that brings in elements of doom as well. The guitars really get lost in this one behind the booming bass. A better mix could solve many of these problems. The work of lead guitarist Michael D’Andrilli is quite good and it shows on this song as well as the track “Rise of the Unborn” which also features an acoustic interlude similar to the title track and Metallica’sBattery.”

It’s a good first effort but this band still needs a little work. With practice and a bit more money, there might be something great here though. We’ll just have to wait for this band to hone its attack to full force before greatness.

Killing Songs :
Keeping the Faith...
Jay quoted 64 / 100
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