Scorpions - Moment Of Glory (with the Berliner Philarmoniker)
Classical Heavy Metal
10 songs (61'19)
Release year: 2000
Scorpions, EMI
Reviewed by Chris

Who don't know Scorpions ? Probably known by everyone or almost, especially for their slows which are consider as the best slows ever by many people, and although I tend to agree, I think X-Japan slows are even better, a pity their albums aren't distributed outside Japan. Anyway, this release is about Scorpions getting their song remixed with a philarmonik orchestra and although the result is very good I cannot stop thinking that everyone is doing that as a fashion movement. Rage came up with it a few years ago and it was a huge success, although many bands did that before them like X-Japan again, or even Kiss a very very long time ago with "The Elder" which was a huge disappointment to everyone expect that this album is great and some people should re-heck it if they have it in their collection, but that's another subject here.

So, I admit I didn't like the idea that much, especially after seeing that awful artcover, the girly dinosaur, sorry not to my taste. But okay I have the admit that some of the songs on this release are simply amazing !!!! Like Hurricane 2000, it rocks ! Not only it that it's actually A LOT better than the original one. I think my entire building can here it when I put it, cause I have to put it so loud that all my walls are trembling. Like always Klaus Meine have like "The" voice and noone would dare saying the opposite. The mix between metal and classical is perfect here, even more than Metallica on S&M !

I'm less impressed with Send Me An Angel & Wind Of Change. Although the orchestral part is amazing, it doesn't had anything to these already perfect songs, just like the add classical touch just add superficial figures into the sound' signal :). No really I think it's nice but doesn't thrill me like on hurricane which is simply the best track of the album. And furthermore there's a Zucchero as guest singer in Send Me And Angel, and there I say : "get out of here", Okay the guy sings nicely but the only guy that should sing on Scorpions is Klaus if you ask me. Aside from this there is 2 unbelievable instrumental track as well on this cool CD that you could put in any Hollywood movies. Really IMPRESSIVE ! Fast paced classical music or fast paced metal, who can tell ? and is there any difference anyway ?

Okay I'm getting an entire book written here so I'll stop. This is a nice album and you can share it with your girlfriend too, like always with Scorpions, well, not quiet actually, cause some releases are really strong metal in Scorpions discography. Anyway it's a very good version and if you like both classical music and heavy metal then rush to your favorite disk dealer and buy this one. There's a special edition with a color booklet full of photos + a CD-ROM with lots of stuff on it (graphics, photo, videos,...).

Killing Songs :
Well... HURRICANE 2000 for one, but the whole album is excellent!
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