Virgin Steele - Magick Fire Music (Single)
Noise Records
Metal Opera à la "Virgin Steele"
6 songs (31'03)
Release year: 2000
Noise Records
Reviewed by Chris

Now that's the best single I've ever had (with Gammaray - Valley of the Kings... probably because I heard it more than 1000 times) ! Why's that ??? Many reasons actually. For one thing it's more than 30 minutes of music ! Then it's perfect, no boring moments at all ! It contains only 2 new songs from the forthcoming album but the remix of older work is amazing ! It just demonstrate how David Defeis made progress over the years and the guy haven't stopped. If you ask me he's putting a standard for whatever touch metal opera here !

Now I can't wait to have the new album in my hands cause this is too perfect and I can't believe the album's gonna be better than the two last ones that I already consider as masterpieces ! But if the rest is as good as what's contained in this single then it's gonna be better (and god knows I don't understand how that can be possible). Basically it's in the same spirit that we had in the last album, but more mature and David mixes more clear and aggressive voice, and I can tell you this guy is like this half angel, half demon character on vocals and that's really really impressive... please keep up making such unbelievable music David !

Anyway, even if like me you don't buy too much singles : Buy this one!!! I promise you won't regret it... and if you do just send me the bill !

P.S. : Normally I wouldn't put a quote on a single... but here there's more than 30 minutes of music and that's almost as much as some album so...

Killing Songs :
Every second of every track !
Chris quoted 95 / 100
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