Labyrinth - Sons Of Thunder
MetalBlade Records
True /Power Metal
10 songs (50'33)
Release year: 2000
Labyrinth, MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Chris

Now this is an album I've been waiting for a long, long, too long time. I'm very excited about this new album and I hope it holds up to all the expectations I and Labyrinth fans must have. The first album "Return to Heaven Denied" was such a huge surprise and went at the right moment in the true metal revival period. I can still remember days where only this album was playing.

Now two years later finally comes the second release of Labyrinth. The sound is always Labyrinth, that's for sure, although I think the mixing part is screwed up a bit, I'm under the impression that the first one sounded better ?!? anyway it's not that bad, but somehow a bit strange. Anyway the first song is in the line of what was in the first records with the secret recipe of Labyrinth : faster than light melodic guitar and riffs, good use of keyboards / orchestration and on a slower pace the good voice of Labyrinth singer. Now that's maybe the problem, the guy sing right and nicely, for 2, maybe 3 songs, but after 20 minutes I kinda get bored of him, he never change in his way of singing. First I thought it was the music that was always the same, but after putting the first album back on the player and listening to this new one a whole week I finally came to the conclusion that this singer tends to get boring. But if you just listen to one song he's great, but at the end of the album I really can't bear him anymore, always the same way, always the same tone, always...

As for the music itself, very good power metal release, no doubts there, but somehow no surprises in this album, perhaps the guitars are a bit more aggressive on this one, but that's almost it. I dunno, if I listen a track then and there I'm amazed by it, but I can't listen to the whole album anymore, nor put back the first one. This is not the kind of band that can stay on my player with the repeat option activated, unlike InFlames, Metalium, Edguy and Virgin Steele to mention the last release I'm stick to these days.

I'm pretty sure all Labyrinth fan will love this nicely done second album, I personally find it boring.

Killing Songs :
All and none.
Chris quoted 70 / 100
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