Bon Jovi - Crush
Radio oriented Hard-Rock
13 songs (62'36)
Release year: 2000
Bon Jovi, Universal/Republic Records Homepage
Reviewed by Chris
Major event

Well. I've finally found the time to listen to the new album correctly and well I'm not disapointed at all. If you want to really appreciate this album : just don't wait for Slippery When Wet 2 !

Now the CD start with "It's My Life" and let's face it : it's the best song on the album to my opinion. This is the kind of song you will remember even in 20 years, like "Runaway" or "You Were Born To Be My Baby". So it's with an unhidden excitement that my CD player is reaching track number 2. And it's a surprise, but not that much, a title pretty much in shape with what you could find in These Days (which almost took me 1 year to accept). The disc will then alternate between all kind of hard-rock style, most of it being nice enough to go on the radio. Other songs like "It's My Life" would be "Just Older" and "One Wild Night" and they're simply excellent songs !

Congratulations Bon Jovi ! After all these years you guys are able to bring something that reminds us of the past and in the same time that gets in the line of today's sound. This album is very mature. Everything will show you that Bon Jovi learned at each album and improved along the way... as an exemple I'd say the lyrics are excellent and John's voice is amazing on that record. For all Bon Jovi fans this is a blind buy !

Killing Songs :
It's My Life, Just Older & Wild Night
Chris quoted 90 / 100
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