Alice Cooper - Brutal Planet
Eagle Records
11 songs (49'00)
Release year: 2000
Alice Cooper, Eagle Records
Reviewed by Danny
Major event

OK, I won't present you Alice. Since 25 years the guy has survived throughout the ages and all different metal (rock) styles. He is part of rock-history, the kind of "star" we will remember ... forever . Everybody (almost ?) was expecting something new for this album. Indus ? Heavy-Metal ? Rock ?. Well, I will say a mixture of those three styles, with "indus" elements adding something new, a different atmosphere to this record. Overall it is a good album, but it took me sometime to understand and accept it.

Some "samplers" have taken place in Alice music-world and Brutal Planet is still very rock, but the "lifting" seems to be too important (due to Bob Erzin or Bob Marlette ?) and the indus "touch" hides Alice Cooper typical rock'n'roll style. Brutal Planet (first track) has a slow tempo with female voice just before the chorus and Alice, with different type of vocals, is simply perfect. Sanctuary (second song) is much faster, a kind of speed rock song, verses are almost "spoken" and the chorus of this song will be printed in your brain very quickly. The best song for me. The third one, Wicked Young Man, is again a mid-tempo heavy song, classical, a bit too easy for my taste. With some nice thrash guitar rhythm, Gimme (fourth track), is more complex and will be again printed in your mind quickly. Blow Me a Kiss (5th track) is like the third song and this is where a feeling of "deja-vu" in the same record is taking place. Take It Like a Women & It's The Little Things (7th & 8th tracks) reminds me Kiss songs : who said Bob Erzin ? Till the end of this record the listener will have this feeling to ear the same type of songs, with different chorus and some small different guitar riffs, but this "linear" feeling will disappear only after many listen and requires your attention to fully appreciate it.

One thing will remained carved in stone forever with Brutal Planet : Alice doesn't frighten anymore. Of course, this is another time, another place and other bands have taken Alice Cooper's "bad boy" place. If this album will not be considered a bit "commercial", don't ever come back to me and say Thrash was commercial. This is for me the only "bad" point. This record is full of surprises and will astonished many metal heads, as long as you like ... "commercial" indus-rock.

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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