Alice Cooper - DragonTown
Eagle Records
Alice rejoins Ozzy
12 songs (51'00)
Release year: 2001
Alice Cooper, Eagle Records
Reviewed by Danny
Major event

Holy shit ... I still don't believe Alice did that to its fans.

Actually, I am so stupid !!! I have listen to a friend who told me that the new Alice was good stuff and I bought it blindly. 12 months after Brutal Planet, which is a masterpiece compare to this crappy one, Alice comes back with Dragontown. 12 months ! Yeah, Alice Cooper is releasing now a new record each year. Tired ? Not at all. Hungry of money ? I guess so ...

Before pushing play, just have a look at the cover. Yes, he is tired ... almost dead on the photo. So is its music. Tired, annoying, repetitive and except two good songs, this Dragontown is FULL of fillers.

The booklet is as good as the content : awful. On the eleven side dedicated to the lyrics, we can see lots of Alice Cooper's photos (sorry man, you'll never be Britney Spear, so stop acting on your photos) and there is just three pages for the lyrics. These lyrics are so big, that even an ant would not be able to read them. Please for the third episode, give eight pages for the lyrics and three for you, but above all, don't forget to change producer (Bob Marlette). Brutal Planet was the episode I and this one is the second part of the trilogy.

Hell I hope the third episode will be better than this one. What a shame, because first song Triggerman is a killer, actually one of the best song of Mr. Cooper since a long time. Title track is also a good one, but the rest is so foully : Disgraceland is an Elvis parody, I Just Wanna Be God is a nu-metal song, with a Beatles touch (yes, I think Alice went as mad as Ozzy). I still don't believe Bob Ezrin co-produced this sh...

One little piece of advice Mr. Cooper : go away from Mr. Marlette as quickly as you can, because he is killing you slowly but surely.

Killing Songs :
Triggerman, It's Much Too Late (a typical Bob Ezrin ballad)
Danny quoted 40 / 100
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