Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid
Sony Music
Hard-Rock "à la Alice"
12 songs (?)
Release year: 1991
Alice Cooper, Sony Music
Reviewed by Chris

Now lately some friends told me that our archives are not really archives because we mostly reviewed albums that are only a year old or so. I totally agree and we're gonna make archived reviews of any time period albums from now on, sometimes almost new ones (less than a year) or in this case almost ten years old albums... an farther cause metal isn't new and you would be surprised how much we missed in the past :).

Now let's go with the matters at end, Alice Cooper. What can I say ... perhaps "we're not worth it, we're not worth it ... :)" (ref : Wayne's World). This guy is one of my hard-rock heroes ! Now they are two kinds of Alice's fans, the old and the new school :). Personally I discovered Alice pretty late and I'm more fund of the new "style" albums like Trash or Hey Stoopid. Now this album is for me the best Alice Cooper album ever ! The music is accessible and in the same time very original, melodic based and technical as well. One must add that for this release Alice did call for some hired guns like : Slash, Stef Burns, Joe Satriani, Vinnie Moore... Now that's a team =). Anyway, the music is thrilling from the first to last track and like always lyrics are very smart and Alice's voice is the added element that makes this album a total blast ! From Hey Stoopid to Wind-Up Toy passing by SnakeBite, Dangerous Tonight or even the excellent ballad Might As Well Be On Mars, there is no boring moments at all and I can let the album repeat itself many times in a row... no problem.

Now that's an album that should be in anyone's collection, but this is of course my humble opinion :).

Killing Songs :
Everyone of them :)
Chris quoted 97 / 100
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