Dark Funeral - Teach Children To Worship Satan
No Fashion Records
Black Metal
5 songs (27'11)
Release year: 2000
Dark Funeral, No Fashion Records
Reviewed by Danny

"The reason that we decided to put this tribute together is to honor some of the bands that have meant a lot to us and the whole underground metal scene. Also we felt it would be great for our fans to hear what the songs would sound like with the hellish Dark Funeral touch. This is just a way for us to show how these bands have influenced us. This is a preview on our next full length album" dixit Dark Funeral.

Whoaw ! This is what I call top-class Black Metal. Fast ! Heavy ! Pure ..... just pure. 5 songs = 5 fist in your face.
Voice is great (the typical black metal way) and the ambiance on this record is "hellishly" dark.
This black metal music is in the same time aggressive and melodic (they are some killing riffs my friends).

Ok, except the first song, we are talking here about covers (King Diamond, Slayer, Sodom and Mayhem) but the way they are played is simply ... unbelievable. A must for black metal fans. A must for those of you who have never heard the original one. Run ... as fast as you can and buy this jewel !!!

Killing Songs :
Just hit the play button
Danny quoted 85 / 100
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