Killswitch Engage - Alive Or Just Breating
Roadrunner Records
Thrash Metal
12 songs (45'00)
Release year: 2002
Killswitch Engage, Roadrunner Records
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

Roadrunner is the label of Machine Head and Slipknot. So when I read that Killswitch Engage was here to kill nu-metal, I asked myself how this label can bet on this band knowing both Machine Head and Slipknot are money-machine-makers. Very strange bet I though to myself at first stage ? On the other hand, this "strange bet" surely waked up some curiosity :)

Coming directly from Massachusetts - what the hell is currently happening there ! - this band will kick your ass and knock you down. What a power, what a tempo, what an aggressive melodic music, what a talent, what a song writing ! These guys are for sure mega fans of Metallica (I am talking of the first three albums) and they open a new door to the thrash metal with this fantastic decibel attack called Alive Or Just Breathing.

The guy who plays with the guitar is delivering unbelievable tons of thrash riffs from the first second till the last one. There is no doubt the Swedish thrash school is also a direct influence (At The Gates, Dark Tranquility, In Flames). The duel between brutal and clean vocals is wonderful and Slipknot becomes almost a piece of joke compare to this thrash masterpiece. At the extreme border of death and hard-core, Killswitch Engage has "redefined" thrash metal. Respect.

It is hard for me to recommend you a particular song ... but may be the second Self Revolution and the fourth track (the quietest track)My Last Serenade, are the best of the best. What is sure here is that you are in front of an album filled with 12 attacks, 12 fist in your face, 12 killers. And don't come to me saying this is nu-metal, because it will be taken as an insult. Killswitch Engage plays melodic thrash metal ... aggressive melodic thrash metal. The production is a big help, adding this "crushing chaos feeling".

The Swedish melodic thrash scene is not alone anymore and I guarantee you Killswitch Engage kick ass. I am still alive ... however I am hardly breathing. Take it or leave it !!!

Killing Songs :
All of them !!!
Danny quoted 92 / 100
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