Frozen Tears - Way Of Temptation
Megahard Records
Heavy Metal
9 songs (48'45)
Release year: 2002
Reviewed by Danny

This is the second album we receive from our Italian heavy metal friends.

After Mysterious Time, they are back with a new studio album, Way Of Temptation. This one has been recorded for the Brazilian label Megahard Records during December 2001 at Fear Studio. If you remember my first review, I was mentioning Iron Maiden & Blind Guardian. So how did they sound now ?

Well well well, the result is more traditional compare to Mysterious Time, finding its inspiration directly in Judas Priest. You may be also remember that I was a bit "anxious" about the way Alessio Taiti was singing on Mysterious Time. I told you the guy was young and that he has the time to improve. I suppose the guy did a lot of efforts, because he really astonish me on Way Of Temptation. The guy is simply unbelievable when it comes to high pitched vocals, reminding me Halford. What an improvement ! Congratulation Alessio.

Their music has the directness of German heavy metal and the way the songs have been arranged remind you Judas Priest and Primal Fear. The comparison with the British heavy metal band is ineluctable with such vocals, but as far as I am concerned, this is admiring comments I am doing here. The "Blind Guardian touch" disappeared to leave the place to a simpler heavy metal. Guitar riffs are however very much influenced by Iron Maiden, without falling in the "copycat zone". Songs are good ... they still missing some originality or fantasy.

The production is better compare to their previous work, but this is another stage where I would personally invest more in. These songs deserve a better and powerful sound. In other words, something tells me the next studio album will be a killer considering the progress made by Alessio and "betting" the band will have a top notch production this time.

As said a year ago, these musicians have the potential to become a heavy metal leader in Italy. This is just a question of time. Continue in this direction, as sooner or later hard work pays.

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Killing Songs :
Walking Through My Dreams, Back To Hell
Danny quoted 77 / 100
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