Temperance - The Earth Embraces Us All
Scarlet Records
Symphonic Melodic Metal
11 songs (61:00)
Release year: 2016
Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Joel
When I first heard Italy's Temperance I thought to myself another band following in the path of Amaranthe, then the second disc, Limitless came out. On that release I heard the similarities as well, but a new sense of direction which was allowing them to sound like something new. I liked both their debut and Limitless, which made me excited for the release of The Earth Embraces Us. Sometimes excitement can lead to disappoint, the question would be, can Temperance continue to build on what they established?

The First track, A Thousand Places delivers on what Limitless built, while not exactly new and groundbreaking for the band, it does show a maturity in the songwriting. Chiara Tricarico's vocals are naturally high, and very strong, with great range. The intro of At The Edge of Space, will have a real Nightwish vibe, while the chorus brings back the sing-a-long familiarity the band is known for. Solid drumming, heavy guitar riffing, very audible even with the ever present keyboards. Unspoken Words, has a great VIDEO, and also features the strong vocals of guitarist Marco Pastorino(look for his other band Light & Shade's debut review from me, very soon, he is also in Secret Sphere). The clean vocal trade off between the two, really makes the song stronger. The next song, Empty Lines, has some great guitar and keyboard lead melodies. Another heavier and faster song, with Chiara taking control, front and center. I listened to this song several times, just to listen to some great guitar riffs, that at first listen, I might have missed. Where Limitless and their debut, had a repetitive quality that could be heard, with this the faster songs sound fresh, and the rest of the songs take the bands songwriting in a totally different direction while still sounding like Temperance. Maschere has some great melodies, unfortunately I don't speak Italian, and surprised with all the Italian bands I have listened too, I haven't picked up more of the beautiful language. If there is one song which can draw comparison to the other band I mentioned, it is the heavier Haze(sans the synths). I like how the guitars are pushed to the front of the mix, thanks to always talented production of Simone Mularoni(DGM).

Fragments Of Life, is the first of two ballads, which is more slower to mid paced, with some great drumming, and vocal interplay between both singers. The operatic parts of Revolution which is the song that follows, really came as a pleasant surprise. Revolution is one of my favorite Temperance songs, and did not take long to know that. The various melodies, the melodic yet heaviness all with the four minute plus song. Change The Rhyme is a folky esque melodic song, which to some could be considered, ballad number two. Chiara's more gentle to her vocals, are soothing to listen too. The album does, have two nearly epic length songs, in the eight minute plus Advice From A Caterpillar, that has some of those great synth leads I mentioned earlier, and The Restless Ride, which comes in just over thirteen minutes long. For the most part Advice From A Caterpillar is a rocking melodic song with a lot of dynamics and melodies for its run time. The double time mid section, with Marco's screamy-singing voice fits perfectly as a “Wake the hell up listener moment!” The saxophone later in the song, sounds like a completely different moment, or someone tricked me into a Kenny G cd(ok there are things a lot worse in life, then that!) till the heavier guitars and drums kick in. The Restless Ride has a slow and gradual intro that takes nearly two minutes before the vocals come in. A speedy and typical Temperance song with a very sing-a-long chorus. Marco takes over around the five minute mark, and the melody of the song changes. It it seamless how the two different parts of the song do come together. There is also a brief guitar solo, strings, and a well played bass solo (yes a lot going on, in what I would call the interlude of the song). Out of the interlude the song, gets almost thrashy with its guitar riffs and drums. Marco returns to his mix of clean and slightly screaming vocals. He has quite the palette of vocal styles himself. Another great solo again, which made me smile is followed by a violin building off the same lead guitar melody. Chiara picks up where she left off on the song, and the first verse's melody comes back. A classical interlude delivers the song to an ending, that feels complete! Maturity in its songwriting, musicianship shown in ever song, vocals that fit the music perfectly. Temperance have made the disc, that they were meant to make. Easily their best yet, without discounting the past. Symphonic Metal, Modern Metal, whatever you may call them, they have no one like them, and their influences are heard throughout their songs. If you like these styles of metal, you may have a new favorite!

Killing Songs :
Unspoken Words, Revolution, Empty Lines, Advice From A Caterpillar, The Restless Ride
Joel quoted 89 / 100
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