Temperance - Limitless
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Modern Melodic Metal
13 songs (57:00)
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Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Joel
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Limitless is the second disc from Italian modern metal band, Temperance. Their self-titled debut disc just came out a little less than a year ago, and with this follow up they expand on their exisiting sound. While the style of vocals(Mostly female, by vocalist Chiara Tricarico, and male vocalist/guitarist Sandro). Growls and singing come from Marco, which is a nice change from the usual “Beauty and the beast” style that has been used countless times. Tricarico's vocals are front and center, and definitely carry the music that is played well by some talented musicians. Their overall music can be compared to Amaranthe, but that would be actually be a disservice to Temperance, because that comparison is just barely on the service.

A child choir opens up Oblivion, the first track accompained by piano, before a layer of synths come in. The song does not take long to get going. Heavy driving guitar riffs, Tricarico's unique tone to her voice and her ability to change her vocal style. The previously mentioned band can be heard here, but this is not a copycat, the “danceable” element of some of the other band's style is not here. The vocals during the chorus, switch to an operatic style, that I did not hear on their debut. I don't think the band needs to use these vocals on every song, but its another side of a very talented singer, that should be used a little more by the band. Another thing I noticed was the melodic guitar solo, it is far from complex, but definitely fits and breaks up the different parts of the song. Amber and Fire, could easily be the next single, and some may call this “Pop-ish” sounding, and so what! Solid vocals? Yes! Sing-a-long Chorus? Yes! Quality musicianship? It is all present on this song. I think this song definitely showcases the strongest side of Tricarico's vocals. An appreciated synth opens up Save Me, and it is one of the faster and heavier songs on the entire disc. The song has the trade off vocals I mentioned earlier, and showcases the vocals of both singers. I am picking about the growling vocals, but with the sparse use of them, they really do add a dynamic, much like a guitar solo does. A gentler side of the band can be heard during the beginning of Stay, which has some cool guitar playing in the background, which I wish was a little louder in the overall in the mix, during the verses. Some heavier guitar riffs are thrown in for good measure here and there, and it also throws in a few surprises, that keeps the song from sounding boring or bland. Mr. White features one of my favorite riffs, and throws a curve, with Sandro starting off the singing. There is a lot of power in his vocals,though his higher notes do sounding like he is stretching his vocals a bit. He is definitely not a bad singer, and definitely compliments Chiara by offering something completely different, yet their vocals blend well perfectly together. I have a feeling this would be a great song to hear live! More appreciated synths and Chiara open up Here & Now till song becomes frentic, with different melodies and time changes, and some good growls thrown in for good measure. Not necessarily my favorite song on the disc, but it definitely has a lot of energy.

Omega Point features one of the best Temperance choruses I have heard by the band(though the first single from their self-titled disc, Breathe was very good!). The song also features some of the best guitar playing I have heard from the band as well, whether it is brief or not, it is well played. Me, Myself and I, and Side by Side are both mid to faster pace songs, with some great keyboard/synth work, and solid lead vocal work from Chiara. The latter is one of most straight forward songs on the entire disc, that for the most part keeps the same tempo throughout the song. Side by Side, sounds almost symphonic metal in the beginning before the arpeggiated synth kicks in. I can't decide whether I like Amber and Fire or this one more, but both songs highlight some of the best, of what his band has to offer. Goodbye throws the next curveball with a lead guitar solo opening the song up, and its well played for its twenty second plus length. Marco's clean vocals are heard, and they are definitely stronger than the ones heard earlier on the disc. Does not take long for Chiara to join, and the chorus is quite majestic, with the entire band, and both singers singing together in unison. Another song that starts slower before it becomes mid-paced with dynamics thrown in here and there, musically or vocally. The hugely melodic and sing-a-long worthy Burning is next, followed by Get A Life, a which features some nice piano playing followed by a frenzy of different melodies in the four minutes plus of the song. The longest track and the title track, Limitless starts with Marco's growls, which are some of his most aggressive on the entire disc. Much like the rest of the disc, the chorus is highlight of the entire song. While the song does not break any new ground, is it definitely a highlight, and deserves to be heard, just as much as Oblivion opens up the disc.

Temperance is one of those bands you will either really get or won't, and if that is the case it would be a shame. This is a release that deserves your full attention, to catch all the nuisances heard in each song. Whether that is a tempo change, a total switch in melody or vocals. Each song has their own hidden part, leaving it up to you to discover. I know this review is of high praise, and I hope the band continues to put out this kind of quality music. I just hope they do not become formulaic in their delivery, following the same ideas from cd to cd. If you like melodic modern metal, and like the unexpected, Temperance may be for you.

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Killing Songs :
Oblivion, Amber and Fire, Mr. White, Save Me, Omega Point and Limitless
Joel quoted 87 / 100
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